Privacy policy and personal data

The user of ArtCards consents to the processing of data provided by him to ArtCards.

For proper and high-quality work, ArtCards processes the following information provided by the User, including his personal data:

No other personal data of the User is required for the proper functioning of ArtCards. ArtCards does not process and is not responsible for any other data provided by the User.

ArtCards processes the data provided by the User only and exclusively for the purpose of ensuring the proper functioning, development and improvement of the quality of ArtCards. ArtCards does not disclose or transfer the User's data to third parties, except as described in this policy or provided by the Legislation.

Processing means collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of data.

Any other information provided by the User to ArtCards, including confidential information, as well as any personal data and data of third parties, is provided by the User as public.

ArtCards takes reasonable steps, but does not guarantee the confidentiality of data provided by the User.

Any request by the User about the data provided by him to ArtCards, about their processing, modification and deletion, can be made to the ArtCards email address.

The ArtCards website uses third-party services from Google and Yandex:

The user agrees to provide these services with the data necessary for their proper operation. ArtCards does not have access to and does not process the User's data received through these services. Any interactions of the User related to the storage and processing of this data are carried out by the User directly with Google and Yandex.


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